The park half day game drive includes will take you to the ivory burning site, the observation point, hyena dam, Athi dam, Mbagathi River, and leopard gorge. The cost for a 4hr game drive in Nairobi national park starts from Usd 95pp in a group of 4 people or more. Prices of smaller groups may be higher than this as less people get to share the costs.

The park entrance fees for Nairobi national park are Usd 43 for non residents and Kshs 430 for Kenyan citizens. Most tour companies offer half day morning or afternoon tours as well as full day tours in the park.

Nairobi Day Tours - Amboseli National Park Day Tour

Amboseli National Park - Nairobi Day Tours View Kilimanjaro Game Drive Cost, Charges, Timings, Opening Hours

Amboseli park is a 392sqkm park located some 280km south west of the capital and at the border with Tanzania. The park is also under the shadow of Mt Kilimanjaro and this makes it the second most popular park in Kenya in terms of visitation. The view of Mt Kilimanjaro is best from the Amboseli park. Kilimanjaro being the highest mountain in Africa attracts a lot of visitors every year due to the great views of mt Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli park game drive costs about Usd 190pp in a group of 4 people. The cost increases marginally if the group is smaller than 4. The actual entrance fee for Amboseli park is Usd 60 per person which is a direct fee that you have to pay at the gate by credit card or mobile money.

One day trip to Amboseli to view the Mt Kilimanjaro hours start from Nairobi at 5:00am and arrives in the park at 9.00am. The game drive lasts for 6hrs until 3:00pm when you start your return back to Nairobi after this Nairobi 1 day tour package. If you are lucky, you will get to see the mt Kilimanjaro peaks for several hours. See an Itinerary for Amboseli National Park 1 One Day Tour

Mt Kenya National Park – Hike Nairobi Day Tours to Mt Kenya, Cost, Hours, Things to See

Mt Kenya is located some 138km north of the capital city through the green coffee and tea farms of central Kenya. The one day hiking trip is very popular for people that want to see the peaks of the second highest mountain in Africa and not necessarily to summit the peak.

The one day Mt Kenya hike starts from Nairobi at 6:00am or earlier depending on the route to be used. Some of the most scenic routes are located further like the Sirimon and Chogoria routes which are the favourite but most involving in terms of distances from Nairobi.

The 1 day hike treks through the Mt Kenya rain forest up to the montane region or the alpine zone which takes about 3 hours with a stopover at the first camp on either route. The climb involves walking through deep thick forest cover where you will see rhinos, buffalos and elephants as well as hundreds of birds and bearded moss covered indigenous trees like oak, mahogany, camphor and others.

There are many other Nairobi day tours to many areas around Nairobi that you can do in afew hours and return in time for your flight in the evening. Other places for a Nairobi 1 day tours include lake Nakuru, lake Naivasha, Hellsgate, mt Longonot, aberdare park and others. Look at an Itinerary for Mt Kenya Day Hike Tour

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