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Nairobi: 1 Day Nairobi Tours Safaris

1 Day Tours: one (1) Day Nairobi tours are full one day excursions from Nairobi to one of the most popular national parks or attractions. 1 Day Nairobi trips are offered as half day or full day safaris inside the city or to national parks like Amboseli, Nakuru, Hellsgate, Mt Longonot, Mt Kilimanjaro, Nairobi park, Mt Kenya among others.

You could be in Nairobi city on business and have an extra day between your meetings or you have a long layover in Nairobi. The city has many places to go ranging from 2hrs to 12hr attractions. Some people may want to do city tours to some of the popular spots like the Nairobi national park or the national museum, the Karen Blixen museum or the Daphne Sheldrick elephant orphanage or get to kiss a giraffe at the giraffe centre.

 1. Nakuru National Park

If you are a bird lover, you can consider doing a day sojourn to Lake Nakuru national park which is 2.5hrs away.

The park has more than 600 species of birds and is home to the magnificent pink flamingos which can be seen lining the lake shores in one huge pink ribbon. The flamingos are however migratory and it’s advisable to ask your tour operator of the current status. There are nonetheless always a few stragglers that don’t migrate and you will see at least 200 even on the lowest of seasons. In the peak season, the flamingos can number more than 2 million strong.Nakurupic

2. David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

You can even adopt a baby elephant in Nairobi who has lost its mother from poachers. The Daphne/David Sheldrick elephant orphanage is a sanctuary and shelter for abandoned baby elephants that are hand reared until they can fend for themselves in the wild. They are then reintroduced to the wild when they are at least 7 years old. The Nairobi elephant shelter is a popular 1 day excursion where the public lecture starts at 11:00am to 12:00noon. You can watch the baby elephants being fed from milk from bottles and hear their heart-wrenching sordid life histories.

3. Amboseli National Park

It’s never a dull moment in Nairobi for game drives since you have a choice between the Nairobi national park, the lake Nakuru park and the Amboseli national park. Each of these parks has their own appeal and highlights but I have to say wildlife is plentiful in Amboseli. Amboseli day trip is a popular among the Kenya day Trips from Nairobi. Amboseli national park is the nearest park close to Nairobi that you can see large herds of the wild African elephant. The park is also the furthest amongst 1 day Nairobi tours although the view of the ice covered peaks of Kilimanjaro compensates for the long 3.5hr drive. The roads are all paved besides an 18km stretch to the park gate. This particular one day excursion is the most taken Kenya day trip.

4. Nairobi National Park

If you don’t fancy a long trip outside of the city, you can settle for a half day trip to the Nairobi national park which has the distinction of the only park in the world within a capital centre boundary. You are only 7km away from your hotel and the park is only 117sqkm big which is small by Kenyan standards. A game drive here takes at least 4hrs and the tour can be combined with a visit to the Daphne Sheldrick elephant orphanage or the giraffe centre. Nairobi national park boasts a guaranteed sighting of lions and rhinos among other animals. This is one of the most convenient 1 day Nairobi tours packages.nakuru stripped hyenas

5. Mt Kenya National Park

Mt Kenya is the best hiking spot from Nairobi with most tour companies offering 1 day hiking up the mountain up to the alpine or moorland region where you have the best views of the peaks. If you are to go for a day hike on Mt Kenya, make sure to choose the Sirimon or the Naro Moru route in that order. Sirimon route has great scenery and you get to drive up to Old Moses camp at 3300m and trek on the heather region of the mountain which is clear with no trees to obstruct your views of peak Nelion and Batian.

6. Mt Longonot

We are not yet done with the hiker in Nairobi. Mt Longonot offers an even closer option for serious mountain hiking near Nairobi. Mt Longonot stands at 2776m asl and it’s a dormant Strato-volcano with a huge crater at the top and a crater rim of 7.2km in circumference. Mt Longonot hike from gate to top and around the rim and back is 10.3km in length and can be quite strenuous due to its steep sides. Its only 68km from the city and a hike can be combined with a visit to lake Naivasha which a beautiful fresh water lake on the floor of the Great Rift Valley.

7. Giraffe Centre

Seeing the wild animals from a distance is cool but getting close and personal with giraffes is even better. The giraffe centre offers a unique opportunity to feed some Rothschild giraffe family by hand and even by mouth and have it take the pellet of your mouth. Apart for the slobbering saliva from the giraffe mouth, its one heck of a picture perfect moment that you can take away from here.

8. Karen Blixen Museum

Nothing is complete in a full Nairobi city tour without a dab of the county’s colonial history. The Karen Blixen museum is the former home of a famous colonial lady who became popular only after leaving Kenya for her home in the Netherlands after failing in coffee farming. Karen Blixen is the renowned author of the book ‘Out of Africa’ which was later done into an award winning movie by the same name.

The house museum is a reflection of the colonial era lifestyle complete with the rustic furniture and hunting trophies and gear. The museum relives the romantic, tragic and sometimes comical lives of the colonial settlers in Kenya.

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