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A 1 day Longonot hiking trip can be organized from Nairobi as a group or solo. The Mt Longonot 1 day hike prices start from Usd 95 in a group.

2. Kilimanjaro Viewing and Elephant Watching in Amboseli National Park


Amboseli National Park Elephants

Amboseli national park is a 392sq km area located some 280km south west of Nairobi. The park is a contrast of sorts with the evergreen 2 swamps always flowing with clean cool waters from Kilimanjaro and the Pleistocene dry lake bed of Lake Amboseli sitting afew meters away. The park is a dry patched area with hundreds of dry whirl winds at one end and the green swamp areas with millions of gallons of water that are replenished from the melted ice caps of Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli national park is the second most popular park in Kenya and it’s popular for the close contact with wild elephants and the great views of Mt Kilimanjaro. Amboseli also has other animals including the lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, buffalos, gazelles, impalas, jackals, spotted hyenas, buffalos, giraffes Zebras, among others. There are more than 400 bird species and about 47 types of raptors. A day trip from Nairobi starts from Usd 140 in a large group. The cost 2 Day Amboseli safaris from Nairobi start from Usd 440 in a group of 2 persons and less for larger groups.

3. Rhino, Leopards & Bird Watching In Nakuru National Park

Nakuru national park is a 188sqkm protected area located some 164km north west of Nairobi. This park includes a forest and savannah grassland and a soda lake by the same name. The park is arguably the third most popular in Kenya most safaris to Masai mara and Samburu always include a 2 day tour to lake Nakuru park. The Nakuru national park is most famous as a bird watching paradise and has 450 species of birds identified. This includes 5 globally threatened species.

The park is also home to 50 animal species and more than 500 species of plants and trees. The park is also famous for the flamingos that at peak season can be an high as 2 million of them. The park is also a sanctuary for black and white rhinos and these are very easy to see. The leopards in the park are also increasing in number and are quite easy to see as well. A one day Nakuru trip price starts from Usd 130pp in a group while a 2 days Nakuru tour prices start from Usd 440pp in a group of 2 persons.

4. Nairobi National Park half Day Excursion


Nairobi National Park Lions

Nairobi national park is the closest park to you while in Nairobi hotel. The park is only 7km from the city centre. The Nairobi Park is only 10 minutes in light traffic and you can do a morning or an afternoon game drive and be back in your hotel for a meeting. Nairobi national park is a 118sqkm area declared as a park in 1946 as a recreation ground for the colonial aristocrats.

The park is the most successful rhino conservation programme in Kenya and has more than 100 animal species and over 400 species of birds. Nairobi national park is famous for its short but very rewarding game drives to see the rhinos, crocodiles, hippos, buffalos, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, lions, hyenas and many more. A game drive in Nairobi national park is offered in either the morning or afternoon. The Nairobi national park game drive prices start at Usd 95 in a large group.

5. Mt Kenya Hiking Safaris    

Mt Kenya National Park is the home to the second highest mountain in Africa. Mt Kenya stands at 5199m Asl. The Mt Kenya climbing safaris from Nairobi are 1, 3 or 5 day Mt Kenya hiking tours to see the peak Batian, Lenana and Nelion. You can decide to climb the mountain in as short as 3 days but the safest is 5 days to allow time for an acclimatization day and to ascend gradually to avoid mountain sickness.

Mt Kenya can be climbed from three routes namely Naro Moru route, Sirimon route and Chogoria route. The most used is the Naro Moru route which is easier and has a more direct route. A one day hike will see you climb to through the rain forest to the met station at 3200m asl and return back. The one day Mt Kenya hike is for people that don’t have time for a full hike or those that are not interested in the peaks. The one day hike takes 6hrs and you will see the indigenous rain forest, lots of birds and animals. The Mt Kenya one day hike prices start at Usd 140pp in a group.

6. Hiking and Biking in Hellsgate National Park

Hells gate National park is located on the Great Rift Valley Floor and it seats on a very active volcanic belt. There are numerous geysers and hot springs some of which have been harnessed into a swimming pool of hot mineral water. You will arrive at the park by 9:00am and start a 2- hour guided bike tour to see the wildlife on a bike including the giraffes, elands, buffalos, impalas, gazelles. Look up to see the red coloured cliff faces and the Verreaux’s eagles, augur buzzards, vulture, and swifts.

Go on a hike through the parks intricate gorges that seem to swallow you up and after the trek go to a Masai village to see their way of life. Later on you will be taken to the lake Naivasha Fisherman’s camp for lunch (at own cost). You can also go on an optional boat ride in the lake to see the cormorants and other birds including the hippos. The crescent island walking safari is also a great option to choose when you are booking a boat ride in the lake to walk among the giraffes, hippos, elands, wildebeests, gazelles and impalas. A hellsgate and Lake Naivasha day trip costs Usd 165perperson in a group.

7. Masai Mara 3 Days Safari


Lion Hunting Wildebeest Masai Mara

Masai mara is by far the most popular game reserve in Kenya. The name mara is a Masai word for ‘the spotted’ terrain which describes the Masai mara plains during the day when the shadows formed by the clouds on the plains resemble the spots on a leopard skin. Masai mara is a 1510 sqkm savannah plains and part of the larger Serengeti ecosystem that runs into Tanzania. The Masai mara is said to be home to more than 5 million animals including the largest concentration of the Big Cats in a a small area.

Masai mara is famous for the greet wildebeest migration which takes place every year between July and October. Over 1.3 million wildebeests, 500,000 zebras and 200,000 gazelles migrate from Serengeti into Masai mara turning north and back west as they follow the rain patterns and the growth of fresh pasture. The wildebeest migration as its popularly called is such a huge phenomenon that it can be captured by satellite real time imagery as a dark moving mass.

The fun is in following the wildebeest migration in a camping safari as they go through plains and cross treacherous and swollen river mara with hundreds of crocodiles. It is such an amazing event to follow for three days as you watch the big cats hunt and the sheer size of the animals herds. You can enjoy a 1, 2 or 3 day Masai mara safari by organizing a one, two or three day Masai mara wildebeest migration package with your Nairobi tour operator. A 3 days Masai mara budget camping safari price starts from Usd 390pp in a group. Two days Masai mara trip starts from Usd 190 in a large group.

8. 2 Days Amboseli Lodge Safari

If you want to enjoy a luxury stay in Amboseli and watch the Mount Kilimanjaro for longer, you can take a 2 days Amboseli safari which gives you a chance to see the mountain at sunrise when it’s at its shiniest. The Kilimanjaro view in the morning is not only refreshing but it is inspiring as well. You also get to spend the night listening to the sounds of the night and wake up to a very early game drive where chances of seeing a lion, hunt or a cheetah chase are very high. You can book an Amboseli Kilimanjaro 2 days safari from Nairobi at any time with a few hours notice. The Amboseli 2 days Kilimanjaro view safari price starts from Usd 330 in a group.

9. 2 Days Nakuru Bird Watching Safari

Lake Nakuru is a birds paradise with over 450species of birds to see in the lake and nearby acacia forest and savannah grasslands. Nakuru 2 day tour is one of the most popular bird tours from Nairobi where you can have a specialist bird guide to identify the birds using a binoculars and a bird guidebook. Nakuru is an Important Bird Area and a UNESCO heritage site as well as a Ramsar Wetland area.

A two days Nakuru overnight tour is a great way to enjoy atleast 2 game drives in the park. Nakuru 1 night tour can be arranged from any Nairobi tour operator. The Nakuru 2 day 1 night bird tour prices start from Usd 390 for a group staying in a lodge.

10. David Sheldrick and Giraffe centre

The Sheldrick elephant orphanage is a fun place to go and see the baby orphaned elephants as they are fed with milk by hand by the handlers. The elephant orphanage picks up the abandoned baby elephants from the bush and hand rears them until they are old enough to fend for themselves in the wild.

The David Sheldrick allows people to go for viewing from 11am to 12noon for a public lecture and you can even adopt a baby elephant with Usd 50. A day tour to Sheldrick elephant orphanage costs usd 90pp.

The giraffe centre is also a Rothschild sanctuary which are a very endangered species of animals. The giraffe centre is managed by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife AFEW which also manages the giraffe manor, a boutique hotel that has specially designed windows to allow the giraffes to pop in their heads when you are having breakfast. A day tour to giraffe centre costs usd 95pp.

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