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A 2 Day Amboseli safari is one of the most popular short tours from Nairobi to view Mt Kilimanjaro. You can take a 2 day Kilimanjaro viewing safari on any day from Nairobi hotel either as a part of a larger group or you can book a private safari if you are more than 1 person. An overnight Kilimanjaro tour from Nairobi starts at around 8:30am and includes park fees, transport, and accommodation in either lodges or tented camps, all meals of full board basis and services of a driver guide.africa-kenya-amboseli-elephant-savannah-mountain-kilimanjaro

Highlights of a 2 Days Kilimanjaro and Amboseli Safari Tour

The view of Majestic Mt Kilimanjaro

The Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in the whole of Africa standing at an impressive 5895m above sea level. The Kilimanjaro is the highest single standing volcanic equatorial mountain in the world. It pays to see the highest peak in Africa and is a milestone of sorts. The view of Mawenzi and Kibo peaks on Kilimanjaro is one of the most exhilarating views in Africa. The ice covered peak Kibo juts upwards into the blue sky with simmering snow on the blue bald head.

The Kilimanjaro foot extends for several kilometers but one can circumnavigate the base in a single day. The mountain slopes change from a blue hue from a distance to a green gentle slope as you come closer to it. The best wildlife pictures representing the African safari are those with afew elephants grazing in front of the imposing Mt Kilimanjaro in the background.

This mountain also provides the millions of gallons of clear, clean and cool waters in Amboseli national park. Wildlife also comes together in this park during dry weather since the swamps of Amboseli have clean water all year round. The elephants like to drink water from the source where it emerges from underground rivers inside the Amboseli park.

Animals to see in a 2 Days Amboseli Game Drive

Mt.-Kilimanjaro-from-Amboseli-National-Park-shutterstock 363076172The Amboseli is known for its over 1600 herds of elephants which can be seen as they roam this park. The elephants are always in Amboseli and they only make a daily migration from the slopes of the mountain where they feed and is safer and inside the Amboseli park during the day for the water. The elephants of Amboseli national park are also the subject of a study spanning over 3 decades.

Other animals to be found in Amboseli include part of the big five wildlife including elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos. There are however no rhinos in Amboseli due to rampant poaching of the 80’s that wiped out the last of what was left by the colonial hunters. Other animals include gazelles, hippos, giraffes, hyenas, wildebeests, elands, waterbucks, jackals and many others.

Birds Watching In Amboseli National Park

There are more than 300 birds species in Amboseli to see in your 2 day Amboseli bird trip. The birds include a vast majority of resident birds and about 20 species of migratory birds. The birds in Amboseli include fish eagle, blacksmith plovers, cormorants, vultures, wagtails, kingfishers, sacred ibis, egrets, Hadada ibis, Egyptian geese, Kori bustard, Secretary bird, go away bird, heron, great white pelicans, ox peckers among many others.

Other Attractions In A Kilimanjaro 2 Days Safari Tour

The observation hill is a great place to climb and watch the park from a vantage point to see the hippos in the pools below, the elephants wading in water, the Kilimanjaro at a short distant, the lake Amboseli and the vast grasslands. The observation hill is a great place to take vantage point pictures of the park where you can have a 360 degrees view of everything inside Amboseli.

The lake Amboseli is also a great feature especially during the dry season when it forms mirages at its edges. Wildlife looking for water are deceived by these mirages that look like water simmering at the distance. The animals keep crossing the dry lake bed over and over looking for the elusive water.

The park is also known for its whirl winds during the day that can number up to 10 at the exact same moment. The swamp areas are also full of life and activity and its not had to see a small kingfisher bird swallowing a fish twice its size, or a pride of lions feasting on a dead hippo, a fish eagle making a dive into the water for fish and a snake wrapped around an acacia tree just near the water.

Day 1

8:30am: Depart Nairobi for Amboseli with a pick up from your hotel in Nairobi

12.30pm: Arrive and check into the Amboseli Serena lodge for buffet lunch and relaxation

4:00pm: Evening game drive until dusk

Day 2

6:00am: Early morning coffee and game drive in the park

8:00am: Return to lodge for a sumptuous breakfast

10:00pm: Enroute game drive as you exit the park

1:30pm: Arrival in Nairobi with a lunch at the carnivore restaurant.

3.10pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel and end of tour.

Find more details on how to book a 2 days Amboseli Kilimanjaro viewing tour from Nairobi; call or write a Whatsapp message to Robert on +254722661827 or write us an email here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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